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Cuyahoga County-Ohio-Free Food pantries /Food Banks

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Free Food pantries /Food Banks

Food banks and free food pantries listed below help families that are facing hunger. The pantries are mostly located at churches and non-profits in the region. Most of the free food pantry locations may have an application process, which usually requires proof of income, residency proof etc. Using donations from the community, and relying on volunteers, the locations may pass out free boxes of food or serve a meal.

Bay Presbyterian Church
Address – 25415 Lake Rd.
Bay Village, Ohio 44140
Dial – (440) 871-1503 Ext. 126

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – South Haven Church Of Christ – Hunger Network Site
415 Northfield Rd.
Bedford, OH 44146
Telephone – (216) 619-8155 Ext. 17
Hunger Network sites of Cuyahoga County and Cleveland help hundreds of local families per month by providing food, referral, help in applying for food stamps and WIC, and much more.

Light Of Hearts Villa
283 Union St.
Bedford, Ohio 44146
Main phone number – (440) 232-1991

Messiah International Ministries
Address – 98 Center Rd.
Bedford, OH 44146
(440) 735-3473
Can provide meals, free food, and other forms of help.

City of Berea Welfare Assistance
91 S Rocky River Dr.
Berea, OH 44017
(440) 826-4891
A key goal is to help families in poverty apply for resources such as free school lunches for their children or vouchers or an EBT card from SNAP food stamps.

Scan Hunger Center Pantry
Address – 85 S Rocky River Dr.
Berea, OH 44017
Dial (440) 260-7226 to reach the answering machine.
Callers can be referred to places for free boxes of groceries or other support in Cuyahoga County Ohio.

Brecksville Church Of God Of Prophecy
Town office address – 8131 Brecksville Rd.
Brecksville, Ohio 44141
Dial (440) 526-6081 for information on town programs, free food, government aid, and other information.

City Of Brecksville Department Of Human Services
2 Community Dr.
Brecksville, OH 44141
Telephone – (440) 526-2499

City of Broadview Heights Department Of Human Services
9543 Broadview Rd.
Broadview Hts., OH 44147
Dial – (440) 526-4685
Applications to benefits, as well as referrals to pantries and other emergency financial aid is provided.

South Hills Lend A Hand
Broadview Hts., OH 44147
Tele: (440) 526-0514
Basic needs, such as clothing, soaps, personal goods, and more be may available. This can also include formula for infants. Everything depends on donation levels.

Village Of Brooklyn Heights Department Of Community Services
The address is 233 Tuxedo Ave.
Brooklyn Hts., OH 44131
(216) 739-3702

Affinity Missionary Baptist Church
Stop by 4411 E 175th St. or dial the number below
Cleveland, Ohio 44128
Phone number – (216) 780-0101
Can offer clothing, meals, and other support.

Aids Taskforce Of Greater Cleveland
3210 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
(216) 621-0766
HIV and AIDs patients and their families can get emergency food and groceries, among other assistance. Supports all of Cuyahoga County Ohio.

All Faiths Pantry
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 496-4329
Emergency boxes of groceries, canned goods, fruits, and more is passed out. The charity helps low income families and seniors among others in Cuyahoga.

Bethany Baptist Church
1211 E 105th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44108
(216) 791-2673
They may serve free holiday meals, including at Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas.

Bethel Seventh Day Adventist Church
Location – 1443 Addison Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44103

Beulah Missionary Baptist Church Of Collinwood Food Pantry
Address – 14912 Saranac Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44110
Telephone – (216) 451-5477

Bridge Of Hope Community Center
3949 Lee Rd. –
William Saunders Life Center
Cleveland, OH 44128
Call (216) 276-0571 for more information or details on services.

Calvary Presbyterian Church
Location is 2020 E 79Th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44103
(216) 391-8448
Numerous social services are offered. Clients can learn about shelters, receive an article of clothing, or maybe a box of food.

Calvary Reformed Church
1918 W 65Th St.
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 961-4271
There may be free hot meals or lunches as well as other assistance.

Catholic Charities Health And Human Services – Emergency Assistance Services – Bishop William M. Cosgrove Center
1736 Superior Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 781-8262

Catholic Charities Services Of Cuyahoga County – Catholic Charities, St. Philip Neri Family Center
799 E 82nd St.
Cleveland, OH 44103
Dial – (216) 391-4415
A leading social service agency. Assistance ranging from food to rice and holiday meals are served by volunteers. They may also have funds for expenses such as rent or other support to people in the immediate region.

Catholic Charities Services Of Cuyahoga County – Fatima Family Center
Address is 6600 Lexington Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44103
(216) 391-0505
Many of the same programs as referenced above are offered.

Catholic Charities Services Of Cuyahoga County – St. Martin De Porres Family Center
1264 E 123Rd St.
Cleveland, OH 44108
(216) 268-4006
Catholic charities offer diapers, holiday meals, food, clothing closet, and programs to ensure working poor become self-sufficient over the long term.

Church Of God And True Holiness
7710 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44103
Dial (216) 391-2167 for hours

Church Of Jesus Christ Mount Moriah is located in the Mount Moriah Community Center
Address is 2124 W 98th St.
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 402-1643
Can provide meals, clothing, baby food, and much more to the low income.

Cleveland Victory Church Of The Nazarene
1632 E 55Th St.
Cleveland, OH 44103
(216) 881-3115
Emergency food boxes as well as hot and cold meals are offered.

Cooley Avenue Church Of God – Cooley Avenue Church Of God Outreach Center And Food Bank
12216 Cooley Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44111
(216) 671-4619

Denison Avenue United Church Of Christ
9900 Denison Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 631-0904

Dunham Avenue Christian Church – Disciples Of Christ
Address – 1629 E 66th St.
Cleveland, OH 44103
(216) 432-1234

Ebc Fery Development Corp
813 E 152nd
Cleveland, OH 44110
(216) 761-5229
Partners with local churches and pantries.

Emmanuel Christian Church
Church location – 8201 Superior Ave
Cleveland, Ohio 44103
Call the church at (216) 795-0910
The homeless can receive information on shelters, a hot meal or drink, and clothing. Canned food, rice, soups, pasta, and other non-perishable items are also offered.

Enhancement Ministries
5246 Broadway Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44127
(216) 271-3650

Free Methodist Church
Location of food pantry at church is 2327 Holmden Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44109
Dial – (216) 741-0511

Freedom Christian Assembly International Faith Ministries
765 E 154th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44110
Telephone – (216) 451-4222
There is a small, free food bank available, based on donation levels.

Full Gospel Evangelistic Center
Address – 2856 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.
Cleveland, OH 44104
Pantry phone number is (216) 791-6800

God’s House Of Prayer
2632 Woodhill Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44104
Phone number – (216) 231-8510

Golden Age Centers Of Greater Cleveland – Ernest J. Bohn Golden Age Center – Hough Cluster
1667 Ansel Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
(216) 231-6500
These locations, including those below, focus on senior citizens in Cuyahoga County. There may be low cost, home delivered meals (including at the holidays) as well as other food tailored to the needs of the elderly. Or learn about congregate dining center.

Golden Age Centers Of Greater Cleveland – Gunning Park Golden Age Center – West Side Cluster – Community Supplemental Food Program
16700 Puritas Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44135
Phone number – (216) 231-6500
Runs the Meals on Wheels program too.

Golden Age Centers Of Greater Cleveland – King Kennedy Golden Age Center – East Side Cluster
Community Supplemental Food Program
2501 E 59th St., #1107
Cleveland, Ohio 44104
(216) 231-6500

Golgotha Baptist Church
3250 E 93rd St.
Cleveland, OH 44104
(216) 441-4224

Greater Abyssinia Baptist Church
Pantry address: 1161 E 105th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44108
Dial (216) 795-1842 for hours.

Greater Mount Tabor Missionary Baptist Church
2650 E 93rd St.
Cleveland, OH 44104
(216) 231-1150

Greater Cleveland Food Bank
The organization can direct families to pantries, soup kitchen, and government benefits. They do not offer aid directly to the public, but applications to SNAP food stamps and the information from the non-profit is extensive.

Phone 855-738-2067

Address 15500 S. Waterloo Rd., Cleveland 44110.

Holy Name Church
8328 Broadway Ave.
Cleveland, OHOhio 44105
Phone number – (216) 441-6373.
Volunteers and the parish offer meals, free food, and perishable items.

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – Avon Avenue Baptist Church – Hunger Network Site
10902 Avon Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44105
Dial – (216) 436-2000

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland
Bread Of Life – Hunger Network Site
8520 Carnegie Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44106
(216) 436-2000
The network, including the location below, offer number services. Learn about benefits such as Community Supplemental Food Program or SNAP food stamps. There is also support for the disabled, seniors, and unemployed.

Not only can low income families or children get a box of free food, but much more is offered by the non-profit and its partners.

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – Cacc #1 – Hunger Network Site
15220 Lakeshore Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44110
Call the location at (216) 436-2000
If you need food for you or your family, try the hunger network charity service.

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – Corinthian Baptist Church – Hunger Network Site
Address – 1643 E 55th St.
Cleveland, OH 44103
Phone number – (216) 436-2000

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – Cory United Methodist Church – Hunger Network Site
1117 E 105th St.
Cleveland, OH 44108
Main phone – (216) 619-8155
Clients can call for referrals. Not only can emergency food be available (as donations allow) but other support may be arranged too.

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – Garden Valley Neighborhood House – Hunger Network Site
7100 Kinsman Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44104
(216) 436-2000
They are part of the Cuyahoga County network. Call the location in a crisis, if it is near the client.

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – Lee-Seville-Miles Hunger Center – Hunger Network Site
Address is 16718 Miles Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44128
(216) 436-2000
Free groceries, meals, and more is available.

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – Mt. Haven Missionary Baptist Church – Hunger Network Site
Address – 3484 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44104
Telephone – (216) 436-2000

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – Redeemer (ICH) Crisis Center – Hunger Network Site
2970 W 30th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
Dial – (216) 436-2000
One of the many Hunger Network sites around the community.

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – St. John Kanty – Hunger Network Site
2265 W 10th St.
Cleveland, OH 44113
Main phone number – (216) 436-2000

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – St. Mark Baptist Church – Hunger Network Site
11123 Buckeye Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44104
(216) 436-2000

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – Triedstone Baptist Church – Hunger Network Site
3782 Community College Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 436-2000
Dial for government surplus food, commodities, and information on local charities.

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – Wsem Food Center At Brookside – Hunger Network Site
3784 Pearl Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44109
(216) 436-2000

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – WSEM Food Center At Community Corner – Hunger Network Site
Address – 8302 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44102
(216) 436-2000

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – Wsem Food Center At Near West – St. Patrick’s Club Building – Hunger Network Site
3610 Bridge Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113
Telephone: (216) 436-2000

Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church
Location of pantry – 2928 Scranton Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
(216) 781-9511

Lee Memorial AME Church
10512 Bryant Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44108
Dial – (216) 761-4447
The faith based charity and its staff can pass out a meal or bag of groceries. There may also be personal hygiene items, paper products, and more.

Manna House Recovery And Resource Center
8019 Cedar Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44103
Phone number (216) 432-2598
Call for referrals and information on government resources, among other services. Free groceries and food may also be arranged.

May Dugan Center
4115 Bridge Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 631-5800

New Cleveland Food Basket- Main Site
Address – 12210 Miles Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44105
Phone number of the main site is (216) 271-9271

Olivet Institutional Baptist Church
Address: 8712 Quincy Ave
Cleveland, OH 44106
Phone – (216) 721-3585

Open Door Missionary Baptist Church
Address is 8215 Woodland Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44104
(216) 721-0177
Food, formula, and support for families, including single parents.

Pilgrim Congregational United Church Of Christ
2592 W 14Th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
Call the church at (216) 861-7388
Meals and other programs for the low income and working poor of Cuyahoga County are offered.

Sagrada Familia Parish
7719 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44102
(216) 631-2888

The Salvation Army Hough Corps Community Center
6000 Hough Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44103
Phone number – (216) 432-0500

The Salvation Army of Miles Park Corps Community Center
4139 E 93rd St.
Cleveland, OH 44105
Phone number – (216) 341-1640
Runs a number of social service programs, offers financial assistance for bills, heating expenses and rent, offers holiday meals, and case management.

Salvation Army – The – Ohio City Corps Community Center
4402 Clark Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44109
Dial (216) 631-1515
There may be referrals to thrift stores and more from the non-profit. Other support is free food, clothing, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and more.

The Salvation Army Superior Corps Community Center
9000 Superior Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
(216) 229-6065
Cuyahoga County is supported by this Salvation Army branch. Apply for food, government food, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and gifts, and clothing from the thrift store. A great place for referrals to Ohio and federal government programs too.

The Salvation Army Temple Corps Community Center
17625 Grovewood Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44119
(216) 692-1388

Salvation Army – The – West Park Corps Community Center
12645 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44111
Telephone – (216) 252-3593

Second Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church
1881 E 71st St.
Cleveland, OH 44103
Dial – (216) 391-2100

Simpson United Methodist Church
8519 Clark Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44102
Call the church at (216) 281-9776

Southeast Seventh Day Adventist Church
Pantry location – 16602 Tarkington Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44128
Phone number – (216) 662-3080
Call for information on the clothing closet or food pantry.

St. James AME Church
Address of church is 8401 Cedar Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44103
Church Office & Food Closet Manager call (216) 231-3562

St. Michael The Archangel Catholic Church
3114 Scranton Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44109
Telephone – (216) 621-3847

St. Paul’s Community Church – United Church Of Christ
Address – 4427 Franklin Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 651-6250
The low income and people in poverty in the community can apply for help.

St. Timothy Missionary Baptist Church
7101 Carnegie Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44103
Dial – (216) 391-0064

St. Vincent De Paul Society – Southwest Ozanam Center
2145 Broadview Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 696-6525
This is part of the national charity network. Many assistance programs, including hunger prevention and job placement, is offered in Cuyahoga County.

St. Vitus Church
Location – 6019 Lausche Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44103
Telephone – (216) 361-1444
Food, groceries, and other items are passed out to the working poor and Cleveland families in poverty.

Thea Bowman Center
11901 Oakfield Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44105
Main phone – (216) 491-0699

Trinity Assembly Of God
3801 Clark Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44109
(216) 631-6764

United Hearts Life Mission Center
Center address is 3339 Broadview Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44109
Phone number – (216) 459-9839
Provides free food, groceries, meals, and more.

Walk Of Faith Community Center
12833 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44111
(216) 941-3270
What may be offered includes soup, rice, pasta, and meats. The charity may also have milk and other more perishable goods.

West 58th Street Church Of God
3150 W 58th St.
Cleveland, OH 44102
Main phone number – (216) 281-2958

Zion United Church Of Christ Of Tremont
2716 W 14th St.
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 861-2371

Father Michael Wittman Ozanam Center – Communion Of Saints Parish At St. Philomena Church
Address – 13824 Euclid Ave.
East Cleveland, Ohio 44112
(216) 321-0024

Concord Baptist Church
1175 E 125th St.
East Cleveland, OH 44112
(216) 249-1455

New Covenant Lutheran Church – Hunger Network Site
1424 Hayden Ave.
East Cleveland, OH 44112
(216) 436-2000
Baby formula, applications for SNAP, and more is part of the network. They also have resources for the elderly and homebound, such as low cost delivery.

Mt. Nebo Missionary Baptist Church
12701 Superior Ave.
East Cleveland, Ohio 44112
(216) 761-3133

Starlight Baptist Church
14516 Euclid Ave.
East Cleveland, Ohio 44112
Call the church at (216) 541-6825

Windermere – Living Hope United Methodist Church
14035 Euclid Ave.
East Cleveland, Ohio 44112
Dial the pantry – (216) 451-2500

Word Church At Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center (East Cleveland)
14801 Shaw Ave.
East Cleveland, OH 44112
(216) 332-9673

Euclid Foursquare Church
18950 Euclid Ave.
Euclid, OH 44117
(216) 531-3040

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – Euclid Hunger Center – Hunger Network Site
291 E 222nd St. Euclid Shore Cultural Center, Rm. 45
Euclid, OH 44123
Dial – (216) 436-2000

Imani Church
1505 E 260th St.
Euclid, Ohio 44132
(216) 732-8204

Garfield Heights City Of – Senior Center
Address – 5407 Turney Rd. Garfield Heights Civic Ctr, Main Level
Garfield Hts., OH 44125
Phone number – (216) 475-3244

Rock Community Church
Address of church – 9403 Garfield Blvd.
Garfield Hts., OH 44125
Phone: (216) 429-2636
Call for the available of a box of food, or referrals to other agencies.

Word Of Righteousness Family Life Center
13455 Dressler Ave
Garfield Hts., Ohio 44125
Dial – (216) 292-3131 for hours
Staff help the less fortunate. Bags of groceries, fruits, and more may be served.

Hunger Network Of Greater Cleveland – Lakewood Community Services Center – Hunger Network Site
Address is 14230 Madison Ave
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
Telephone – (216) 619-8155 Ext. 17

City Of Maple Heights Food Pantry
Address – 17100 Broadway Ave.
Maple Hts., OH 44137
(216) 587-5481

Our Savior Lutheran Church (Mayfield Heights)
2154 Som Center Rd.
Mayfield Hts., Ohio 44124
Phone number – (440) 442-4455

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