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ALL Kids Program-Alabama- healthcare for Kids

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ALL Kids

Access to healthcare is vital. Children need to be healthy to reach their full potential. To stay healthy, children need to have regular checkups, vision and dental care, and get medical attention if they get sick or injured.

ALL Kids is a low-cost, comprehensive healthcare coverage program for children under age 19. Benefits include regular checkups and immunizations, sick child doctor visits, prescriptions, vision and dental care, hospitalization, mental health and substance abuse services, and much more.


Healthcare Coverage Is Important

Children need to be healthy to reach their full potential. To stay healthy, children need to have regular checkups, vision and dental care, and get medical attention if they get sick or injured. By preventing serious illnesses, overall family health costs will be lower, and when your child does need to go to the doctor you can afford to take them.

Children who have healthcare coverage have a better chance of being healthy and are less likely to miss school because they are sick. By helping them go to school every day ready to learn, you can help boost your child’s performance in school today and in the future.

Healthcare Coverage Facts

Children with healthcare coverage are more likely to:

  • Stay healthier with regular checkups.
  • Get needed immunizations.
  • Get medical care early so a small illness doesn’t turn in to a big one.
  • Miss fewer school days due to illness.

Teens with healthcare coverage are able to get:

  • Skin care (a doctor can usually cure acne).
  • School physicals for sports.
  • Physical therapy if they get injured

With ALL Kids, parents are able to:

  • Select a doctor they trust for their children.
  • Stop worrying about how to pay for medical bills.
  • Miss fewer work days due to a child’s illness.

Apply for ALL Kids Now

How ALL Kids Works

Applications are processed in the order they are received. If your child is enrolled in ALL Kids, you will receive a Welcome Letter from ALL Kids and your child’s ALL Kids Card.

Choose a Doctor and Dentist

As soon as your child is enrolled in ALL Kids, choose a doctor and dentist. Call them to make your child an appointment for a check-up visit. Don’t put this off! These check-up visits will allow small health and dental problems to be caught early, preventing them from becoming serious problems later.

When your child needs medical and dental care, you must use a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama (BCBSAL) Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) provider. The PPO network is a group of doctors, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals and outpatient facilities enrolled as BCBSAL providers to offer services to ALL Kids enrollees at special, prearranged rates.

You can choose any doctor who is enrolled as a PPO provider. To find a preferred provider in Alabama, you can look in your ALL Kids Preferred Provider Directory, call the BCBSAL dedicated customer service number at 1-800-760-6851, or visit BCBSAL. There is no deductible when you use a PPO provider. Some services may require a small co-pay.

ALL Kids Costs – Premiums and Co-Pays

Affordable premiums range from $52 to $104 per child, per year. The fee group for which your child qualifies will determine the premium you will pay for your child’s coverage.

Your premium does not have to be paid in full before you use your ALL Kids card for healthcare services. However, your premium must be paid before the contract expires. We encourage you to pay your premium as soon as possible. Don’t get caught at the end of the year owing all of your premium!

If your child is in the Low Fee or the Fee group, some services may require a co-pay. A co-pay is a small fee you may have to pay up front when your child sees a provider. There are no co-pays for preventive services like regular check-ups, immunizations, dental cleanings, and vision exams.

To Make Payments

  • Make checks and money orders out to ALL Kids. Do not send cash!
  • Write your Contact ID number on your check or money order.
  • Mail To:
    ALL Kids
    P.O. Box 304839
    Montgomery, AL 36130-4839

Renew Your Child’s ALL Kids Coverage Every Year

Your child’s ALL Kids enrollment will last for 12 months. (If your child turns 19 years of age before the end of the 12 months, coverage will end the last day of the child’s birth month.) ALL Kids coverage must be renewed every year. Approximately two months before the “Good Thru” date on your child’s ALL Kids card, you will receive a renewal packet.

To be considered for renewal for the upcoming year you must complete, sign and return the renewal packet to ALL Kids and pay any premiums you may owe for the current year before the “Good Thru” date on your child’s ALL Kids card. If you do not receive your child’s renewal packet or if you have any questions, please call 1-888-373-KIDS (5437).


ALL Kids uses Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama (BCBSAL) to provide services through their preferred provider network. If your child is approved, coverage will begin on the first day of the month after the application is received.

Benefits include:

  • Immunizations
  • Prescriptions
  • Dental and vision care
  • Emergency services

Questions About Your Child’s Coverage

Upon enrollment, your child will receive a welcome packet from ALL Kids and BCBSAL. The welcome packet includes booklets that explain ALL Kids benefits and services and are yours to keep.

If you have any questions about your child’s healthcare coverage, call the BCBSAL dedicated customer service number at 1-800-760-6851.

For questions about your child’s mental health or substance abuse services, call 1-877-297-0089, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Does Your Child Qualify?

ALL Kids covers eligible children that live in Alabama. PEEHIP and State Educations employees… Your child(ren) may be eligible for ALL Kids!

Children must also:

  • Be under age 19
  • Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible immigrant
  • Not be covered by other insurance
  • Not be a resident in an institution
  • Not be covered by or eligible for Medicaid

Income Eligibility

Please find below the gross income guidelines for ALL Kids and Medicaid. Eligibility determination can only be made when a complete application is received by ALL Kids. Please note, even if your income falls outside of these guidelines, you may still be eligible for coverage.

Monthly Income Guidelines

How to Apply

ALL Kids shares an application with SOBRA Medicaid. The program(s) for which you and/or your children qualify will be determined by your family size and income.

Two Easy Ways to Apply

  • Apply online
  • Mail or fax in a completed paper applicationMail your application to:
    ALL Kids
    P.O. Box 304839
    Montgomery, Alabama 36130-4839

    Fax your application to (334) 206-3783.

Get a Paper Application

1. Print the application. Note: You may also need to complete the forms below to send in with your application.

  • Review Appendix A only if someone in your household is eligible for health coverage from a job, then print and complete to send in with your application.
  • Review Appendix B only if you or a family member are American Indian or Alaska Native, then print and complete to send in with your application.
  • Review Appendix C only if you received assistance with completing your application, then print and complete to send in with your application.

2. Pick up an application at any County Health Department or many other health and community agencies, including doctor offices, hospitals, pharmacies, and schools.

3. Call one of the program toll-free numbers listed below to request an application be mailed to you. You can also email a request to ALL Kids for an application to be mailed to you.

ALL Kids 1-888-373-KIDS (5437)
Medicaid 1-800-362-1504

Filling Out Your Paper Application

1. Answer all of the questions on the application.

2. Sign under Step 5 on the application.

3. Mail it in. Before closing the envelope, be sure your application is signed.

Need Assistance?

If you need help filling out an application, please call ALL Kids toll free at 1-888-373-KIDS (5437), Monday through Friday, to speak to a customer service representative.

If you have specific questions regarding your application please give us a call at 1-888-373-KIDS (5473). Due to privacy and security issues we are not able to email families at this time regarding specific questions or issues related to your application.

HIPAA Notice

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1997 (HIPAA), the Alabama Children’s Health Insurance Program is required to inform you of how your enrollment and/or medical information may be used and disclosed (provided to other business partners) through our regular course of business. The following HIPAA Notice is furnished to all enrollees as means of such notification.

Check the Status of Your Application or Renewal

To check the status of your application or renewal, you can call the ALL Kids Customer Service phone line at 1-888-373-KIDS (5437), Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:00pm. This is a free call.

Contact ALL Kids Customer Service to:

  • Change your address or phone number
  • Change your name or the name of your child
  • Request an application by mail – You may also request to have a application mailed to you through email. To assist us in responding to your request we need the following information: Your Name and Your Mailing Address.

If you have specific questions regarding your application, please give us a call at 1-888-373-KIDS(5437). Due to privacy and security issues we are not able to email families at this time regarding specific questions or issues related to your application.

You can review our Question and Answer page for general information regarding ALL Kids eligibility, enrollment and premium billing information.

Please Note: You can also Apply Now online. The online application is fast and easy.

Customer Service

Toll-free: 1-888-373-Kids (5437)
Fax: (334) 206-3783

Mail: ALL Kids
P.O. Box 304839
Montgomery, AL

Administration and Outreach

Toll-free: 1-877-774-9521
Admin. Fax: (334) 206-3784
Outreach Fax: (334) 206-6433

Mail: CHIP
P.O. Box 303017
Montgomery, AL

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama

Call Blue Cross and Blue Shield for health and dental benefit information, to order insurance card(s) or questions about claims payment toll-free at 1-800-760-6851. You can also visit BCBSAL.

ALL Kids dedicated mental health/substance abuse services phone number is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Parents and providers can call to find out more information about network providers or to speak with a mental health professional toll-free at 1-877-297-0089.

Email ALL Kids

Thank you for your inquiry to the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH). For your security, please do not include personal identification and/or financial information (such as social security numbers, names and addresses of minors, bank account, and/or credit card numbers).

We make every effort to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner, however, if you need immediate assistance, please call 1-800-252-1818 during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.), excluding state holidays. We look forward to assisting you. To report a public health emergency after normal business hours, weekends or holidays, contact the ADPH Center for Emergency Preparedness (CEP) at 1-866-264-4073.

Apply Online Now

ALL Kids uses Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama (BCBSAL) to provide medical, and mental health and substance abuse services through their preferred provider network (PPO). Find a provider now.

Note: Info retrieved form http://www.alabamapublichealth.gov/ on 8/26/2018.


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